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10 Little Asians 16


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Rin is a pale faced tiny J-chick with a skinny frame, a well manicured J-bush and an appetite for sex. She does some PTM and licks man sack and man ass too, before getting a cunt full of J-sperm sprayed inside her.
Ai may not be the prettiest J-babe but she is a horny one. Her fake, long eye lashes and moderately bleached hair are the first signs that this chick maybe a slut. Her small body has a little mileage on it, but overall not too shabby, as her skinny J-grass stands straight on end while she gash gobbles a J-cock that fills her full of jizz.
Luna’s in her school girl PE clothes and spreading her legs for a little fun. Luna’s pussy used to be very tight, along with her tits and tummy too. Her pubic area is small but each J-blade is kept long and uncut. She wraps her super long J-nails around his dick, before taking a squat on the J-pole and going for a ride. Her tiny body tightens as she preps for a long range cum blast across her tiny tits. She licks the dick that fucked her clean.
Asari has dark hair and a wild and out of control J-rag between her legs. It is moist and wet inside her underwear and as a finger penetrates inside her we find her full of organic J-juice. She hops a ride on the J-bus and uses her hips to suck the cock in and out of herself. Her efforts are rewarded with a pasty white load dripping from her hairy fuck box.
Zara is a tiny Thai girl sucking some falang phallus in the tub. She then bends over and takes a hammering from behind, below and on-top. She is quiet at first but then lets loose, as her braces- filled mouth sucks a long white dick and her brown pussy lips get shredded, before a massive batch of cum gets painted on her face and blown up her nose.
Makoto is a young dumb j-chick with a furry bush and a silly look on her face. Her tits are tiny and her body is small overall. Her mid section tights as her slice sucks some cock inside. Her hips twist and shake as she gets rammed and finally cum dumped inside of.
Miyuki is in her school costume and spreading her legs to show off her puffed up puss which is popping from her panties. She opens wide to suck a cock, before laying back to get it plunged between her thighs. The super J-vibe makes its debut and builds the passion as our guy unloads a large shipment of cream just inside her warehouse doors.
Yuna is a young MILF with a tight body, perky brown raisin pointed nipple stubs and a furry, pink centered J-box that comes pre-lubed with sticky J-sap. She licks the tip of the J-stick and then lays back with her legs wide and her pussy spread. Her body shakes as she takes a good ride and gets cream filled with a slow flowing cum dumping that makes its way gradually to her ass.
Pai has dark brown skin, a 98 pound frame, long dark hair, chocolate brown nipple points and a perfectly manicured and maintained Asian fuck box. Her lips are made for sucking foreign cock, as her dark eyes and long eyelashes stare into the camera. We vaginally feed her a cock that is almost as big as her arm, but she handles that, a finger up her ass and a load across her face just fine too.
Yuri is the cover girl for this edition. She is a tiny thing, with a doll face and a naturally hairy J-slice. She is extremely sensitive to the touch and loves sex. Her tight tummy tightens as her hole is devoured and she hops up and down all over a cock we provide. Her ass slaps his thighs as her hips shake and bounce and her pussy becomes home to a new pool of potent cum; which slowly drips and drains from deep inside her.

Date: September 23, 2017

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