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Adam & Eve’s Short Stories


Watch 4 Erotic Vingnettes On One Sizzling DVD!

Couples will love these twisted erotic tales.
If you’ve ever asked “why are these people having sex?” – then come to these Short Stories! 91 minutes + 111 minutes of extras.
In Gonzo Girls a trio of female porn producers audition well-endowed nude hunk Sebastian and they like what they see. And lick. And suck. The one in charge even loves it where the sun don’t shine!
Couch Surfing shows you what happens when you live with a hot, horny dominatrix like Nora Belle – hey, nice ball gag. Does he come before the doorbell rings?
For Being Single you’ll peek in on beautiful Ana Foxxx as she longs for the perfect date: big you-know-what + big brain!
To fight bedroom boredom, for The Game. Mona uses a deck of cards (and her hot girlfriend) to perform some erotic “tasks” around the house!

Date: October 17, 2017

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