Delightful Fantasies


Delightful Fantasies
The Nurse Fantasy is something Chad White has always wanted. Not knowing what to expect he is instantly transported to a doctor’s room where nurse Keisha Grey enters the room to help him fulfil that fantasy once and for all. Nicole Aniston wants The Cop Fantasy! When she enters in her fantasy to the Fantasy Factory website officer Jake Adams turns up on her doorstep looking to protect and serve. It doesn’t take long for Nicole to be carried away by officer Adams and served his cock. Wanting nothing more than a girl as beautiful as Jessa to sit on his face Alex types it in the Fucking Awesome Fantasy Factory website and before he knows it he is transported to a room where Jessa is waiting for him. She wastes no time before giving Alex exactly what he craves. Abella found a man who understands her and who loves to pamper her every day. Buttheir sex life was getting a bit repetitive. Wearing some sexy lingerie, Abella covered her boyfriends eyes and straddled him on the couch for the ride of his life.

Added on: April 12, 2019

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