Doctor Adventures 16


Doctor Adventures Vol. 16. Scenes Include. Aletta’s Anatomy. Nick Lang is a paraplegic with a secret. He’s just been pretending to be paralyzed so that he can reap the benefits that come with having a fuckilicious doctor like Aletta Ocean taking care of him day and night.. Naked Therapy. Kieran had trouble in intimate situations and decides to make an appointment with Lisa, a sex therapist with a unique technique in bringing people out of their shells, by fucking their brains out!. Sexxlexia. Criss is suffering a rare condition. He is daydreaming with this hot, sexy woman. The problem is that he passes out right after. he schedules an appointment with Dr. Nikki who is the incarnation of the woman in his fantasies!. Doctor Orgasm. The press has discovered Dr. Orgasm, a doctor who has been administering illegal orgasms to hot and sexy female patients. Phoenix, an uptight reporter tracks him down at his office so he can explain himself to the American people!. Erection. After ODing on a particularly intense orgasm, Madison is rushed to the hospital where under the care of Dr. Johnny Sins, she’s restored back to health courtesy of some good old fashioned anal!.

Release Year: 2013
Studio: Brazzers