English Discipline Series Horses For Courses


English Discipline Series Horses For Courses. Charlotte, the daughter of a wealthy landowner, hates it when her two cousins come to visit their country estate. It seems that they have no respect for her. Soon Sue and Sara steal her prized jumping horse and take a quick ride to town. On their return Charlotte advises them that they will have to leave immediately.. It seems however that the girls have arranged for a nighttime meeting with some local boys and they beg not to be sent home. Charlotte agrees instead to administer a come-uppeance spanking and caning on their bare bottoms. This is extremely painful, especially for the larger bottom girl whose peachy bare arse is made to look like a sea of tramlines as the cane is used to good effect!.

Release Year: 2007
Duration: 1 hrs. 3 mins.
Release Date: Nov 23, 2007