Fetish 2


Groundbreaking auteur Paul Black returns, once again pushing the boundaries of kink as stunning Emily J literally plays with fire. Atmospheric music is heard over a shot of a flickering lamp, and Emily lights a cigarette. The beautiful brunette is naked, aside from a pair of thigh-length black leather boots with high spike heels. She’s lying on a dirty wooden floor, her face and body streaked with grime but glistening with oil and sweat. She caresses the shaved lips of her pussy, then brings the cigarette into play, slipping the unlit end inside of her hole, smoke curling from the tip each time she tightens around it. Then she smokes it again, enjoying the flavor of her own juices, before stubbing it out in an oversize champagne coupe. Next, she lights a long, white candle and drizzles wax over her large breasts and flat belly, gasping and trembling as each molten drop hits her skin. A second candle is dipped into a jar of oil and slid into her snatch like a dildo – then the protruding end is lit. She continues to drip wax from the first candle, a shell of white splats building up all over her breasts and belly as it hardens. As her excitement grows, she sucks her fingers deep enough to gag, but she fights the reflex. She also brings the lit wick as close to her skin as she dares, sometimes too close – it does no harm but she winces in pleasure-pain. As the wax hits the trimmed, oiled pubes on her mound, she salivates and licks her fingers lasciviously, like she’s switched from sucking cock to eating pussy. In a breathtaking overhead shot of her wax-encrusted curves, Emily lights another cigarette, tosses the match and sets oil from an overturned lamp alight… then slips the cigarette in her ass. Seemingly unperturbed by the blaze burning next to her, she lights a third candle in the fire and sucks on the butt-end, deep-throating it, one hand stroking the shaft as the other pumps the candle in her pussy. With all holes filled, she brings herself to orgasm, squirting and salivating copiously. Then, as she sinks back in the afterglow, the lamplight burns low before dying away to nothing…

Date: April 18, 2018
Keywords: 2015 / Fetish 2

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