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Joanna’s Angels 3: Douchebag Resurrection


Joanna’s Angels 3: Douchebag Resurrection

Just when Joanna and her Angels think they can take a vacation, the city is overcome by a terrible douchebag invasion that only 3 sexy, class-A superheroes can overcome. Evan Stone, AKA CEO of Affuktion Clothing, has sprinked his T-Shirts with a serum that makes everyone in LA obsessed with shiny lame T-shirts. Once the epidemic spreads to Joanna’s favorite booty call, she knows it’s time to get down to business…and that business is having her intern, Tommy Pistol, run around town gathering evidence while she and team fuck their way out of – and into – trouble. Will the Angels save the city before it’s too late? Or will Los Angeles suffer from an eternity of douchebaggery? Find out in this hilarious and filthy epic comedy starring your favorite punk rock sluts.

Date: October 10, 2017

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