Join The Squad


Join The Squad
Considering joining the cheer squad, Kenna James meets up with Judy Jolie, who has been in the team for some time. Once their training is done, Judy proposses they try something a little different. Kenna smiles knowing exactly what she means. Abella Danger asks Avi Love to help her passing the test, but an idea starts forming in her head. She moves closer to Avi, beginning to use her charms to seduce her. Avi’s too hot for Abella to pass up this chance. She agrees and the deal is sealed with some fun on the couch. Sabina Rouge introduces herself as Gia Derza’s new roommate. She lays her hand seductively on Gia’s leg, telling her that part of college is meeting new groups of people and having . . . new experiences.

Added on: April 22, 2019