Not So Innocent


Not So Innocent
Ella Nova is hosting her best friend Janes birthday pre-drink, but can’t bring herself to leave her apartment in the post-pre state of messy, spilled drink chaos. She hangs back to do a quick tidy-up as the group heads over to the bar Jake walks back in. Jane’s ex-boyfriend, her long-time crush. But the way Jake is looking at her and how stupidly hot its making her Ella can’t keep fighting the energy between them. Paige Owens is taking care of her ex, Seth, after an accident. Paige comes to realize that energy between them never went away. Paige eventually learns that Seth’s leg had very much healed, and that he hadn’t let her know. Because he really, missed being around her. Jenna Fox has conducted hundreds of interviews before, but Jenna is nervous for this one. She couldn’t help it, this is world famous rock star, Small Hands. Jenna is stunned when meeting him, he is humble and kind. Jenna knows she shouldn’t, but she can’t help the craving that she’s feeling for this misunderstood man… and a desire to test and tempt boundaries. Ana Foxxx can’t wait to submit her latest story to a creative writing competition. It’s more provocative than her typical writing style, but she felt inspired by the idea of exploring something erotic. Running into her old prof on campus, he offers to give her story a read. Though warned of its risque nature, Professor Pierce insists. He… was not expecting that.

Release Year: 2019
Studio: Bellesa Films
Keywords: Not So Innocent
Added on: September 26, 2019

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