PlayboyPlus: Barbara Desiree, Cheyenne Cummings – Masquerade Affair


Things are getting hot and steamy in the bedroom with Cybergirls, Barbara Desiree, and Cheyenne Cummings. These sexy ladies mean business as they take to the bedroom to fulfill all your wildest girl-on-girl fantasies. They’re on set with photographer and former Cybergirl, Jennifer Vaughn, and dressed in all black lingerie, tall black heels, masks, whips and even some rope to tie each other up. Pay attention as Barbara attempts to tame Cheyenne with thigh grabbing, hair pulling, and lip biting. “We were like different people with these masks on,” says Barbara of the kinky shoot. “She was the dominatrix,” explains Cheyenne, putting her hand on Barbara’s leg, “and I like to be dominated,” she adds. As anyone can tell, these ladies are really into each other, “it’s not fake,” says Barbara. In fact, they each have part of each other’s bodies they love the most. “I love her amazing boobs,” says Barbara with a grin. “I love her ass,” says Cheyenne, “she’s so petite and tiny but she has a curvy, jiggly ass — it’s great. And her eyes!” Can you choose which part of these sexy Cybergirls you like the best? Give it a try, here on Playboy Plus.

Date: July 30, 2017

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