PlayboyPlus: Cara Mell in Smokin


In a large grassy and green field, is our newest seriously sexy amateur model, Cara Mell. She comes to us all the way from Ukraine, on set with photographers, David Merenyi and Adam Nagy on location in Csomor, Hungary. In an all black strappy and cut out one piece, Miss Mell is comfortable on set, and even more so when she strips down to nothing, and it’s no mystery why — after all, she’s had a ton of experience. Well known across the globe for her artistic nude modeling, this lady is a natural in front of the camera. Watch as she prances around the grassland with colored smoke in each hand. Soon, she slowly slips out of her swimsuit with ease to display her full natural breasts. She has them in her hands, fulfilling all your deepest desires. But she’s ready to keep you on your toes as she turns her back and goes full nude right before she lays and spreads her knees. This lady is a real go getter and dreamer, and Playboy Plus was just one of those dreams she wanted to achieve. “My mind is calm and my vision is clear,” she proclaims on social media. “I’m ready for some serious growth, and I’m ready to chase every dream!” Chase your wildest wishes with this beautiful European babe, right here, only on Playboy Plus.

Category: #XXX Scenes, All Girl, Solo
Added on: August 22, 2017