Stepbrother Can’t Wait Any Longer…


Stepbrother Can’t Wait Any Longer…

My sis refuses to put any real clothes on while in the house! She is always walking around in just a tank top and underwear, and our parents are always telling her how inappropriate she is being. I also tell her to put more clothes on. I say things like… One day something bad is going to happen to you, cause you walk around like a little slut.

I realize that she is my sister, but as I guy…I can only take so much of a visual tease before I snap and act on my primal horny urges!

So when I came home early from school today, and saw that my little sis was doing laundry half naked (and I knew NO one would be home for a while), I said enough is enough…and I took matters into my own hands!

Watch as I slid in behind my unassuming sis, covered her mouth before she can say anything…and then f-rcefully pulled down her underwear exposing her juicy bare bottom.

Although her body is showing signs of resistance, her soaking wet pussy tells me that she likes her big brother playing rough with her.

It is time to take what is mine, and pump my meat deep into my sis’s slutty cunt! She lets out a big moan the moment she feels my hard cock start to fill up her hole. While penetrating her I can feel my nuts swelling up with a huge sticky load. She must have felt it to, because she started to beg me not to cum in her. But it was too late… I exploded my warm salty load deep inside my sis’s swollen pussy. I don’t think she is on birth control, but I couldn’t help myself.

Now we just have to wait and see if she gets pregnant or not…

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Pornstars: Levi Cash, Sierra Nicole
Release Year: 2017
Studio: My Pervy Family