Swim Meet


Swim Meet

Webyoung.com is proud to present Swim Meet. When Rebel Lynn likes what she sees she makes sure that she has it, but instead of just going straight for the kill, she makes a game of it all. Kate England is the most beautiful girl on the swim team, and since it’s getting close to competition season, Rebel invites Kate over for a little more than just practice. As Rebel digs a bit deeper she gets Kate to admit that Lesbian sex is on her mind, a little push gets Kate to take off her clothes and before you know it, they’re making swim team history! Carmen’s favorite rockstar miraculously moves just up the road! Janice turns out to have an attitude, and Carmen shows Janice that she doesn’t always have to be a sour-puss. Ava’s new to her sorority, and has a thing for leader Remy. When she finally works up the courage to confront Remy about her crush, Remy is eager to help Ava fit in. An original Webyoung film.

Release Year: 2015
Studio: Web Young

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