Tabitha Stern Teen Panty Tease


Tabitha Stern Teen Panty TeaseTabitha Stern a young, playful and she talks and teases you throughout the entire video. Tabitha begins in a pink baby doll dress, with white ruffled trim, white ankle socks, and the cutest matching pink panties. She tells you she is a little nervous but she wants to show you her panties. She lifts her dress to show off her pink panties, as she tells you about what the boys do to her. Onto the couch for some spread leg shots along with views of her beautiful round panty covered ass.Now she stands directly over your face for some great up-skirt shots, before she sits in front of you, spreads her legs and shoves her sock covered feet in your face letting you know she likes them tickled and kissed. Great up-close foot-play before she removes the dress and positions herself directly above you so you can see every fold of her panties as she pulls and tugs them tight against her young little pussy before taking them off and asking if you think it’s nice. In nothing but her socks, she turns and poses showing you all angles of her beautiful nude body, before saying good-bye.Scene two, has Tabitha in a pair of tight fitting cut off jean shorts, a flower printed blouse and knee socks with tennis shoes. She just got home from playing soccer and now she wants to play with you. She bends over in front of you knowing her ass cheeks are hanging out of her shorts, and asks why boys are always staring at her, I wonder. Now off with her shoes, shorts and shirt for a look at her silky white bra and panty combo, before she strips to nude and sits on the stairs with her legs open HOT! Tabitha’s final scene takes place in her bedroom in a sexy black 3-piece lingerie set with black thigh highs and black 6″ heels. The eye contact is one on one as she tells you what makes her feel sexy. She is on top of you looking down into your eyes telling you that she likes when you watch her.She moves onto the bed removes her bra and begins to rub herself in all the right places. She is doggie style in just her panties, thigh highs and heels and says she’s got more to show you as she gently rubs her panty covered pussy just inches from your nose. More up-close ass shots from behind before she bares it all once more right in front of your face and then takes you front and center from between her thighs as she says good-bye. Full nudity and direct eye contact as she talks to you during the entire video. We couldn’t have chosen a better ass for a panty tape than the one you’ll see here.

Pornstars: Tabitha Stern
Release Year: 2019
Studio: Playtime Video
Duration: 57 mins.
Release Date: Sep 24, 2019