The Feminine Mystique


Feminine Mystique, The
Lesbian lovers Alexis Crystal and Sunny Honey are strolling slowly down a forest trail, young, in love, and free. The sun shines warmly on their soft skin as they breathe the calming aroma of fresh foliage, their worries and cares carried away with the summer breeze. Standing in a close embrace, the lovely ladies slowly allow their hands to explore every inch of the other’s body, from small tits to firm, round asses. A playful spank from Alexis sends the two babes on their way home, and once they have reached the bedroom, they can no longer hold their desire at bay. Alexis strips Sunny slowly, teasingly, creating an anticipation in her lover that is finally released by a finger in Sunny’s wet pussy. Alexis then removes her own dress as Sunny quivers in sweet orgasm. She lies Sunny down on the bed then mounts her lover’s face, riding Sunny’s tongue until she explodes in passionate orgasm!

Added on: August 3, 2019