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    The Red Hot Roadrunner


    The Raw, Racy, & Raunchy Exploits of a Man Forever Looking to Get Laid…
    What is a man to do if he’s the ONLY one of his buddies who has yet to pop his cherry? That’s the plight of our hero John (Don Fernando) who dreams, eats and lives sex – without ever experiencing the ultimate sex act. His macho friends make it even harder for him by reliving their most outrageous and arousing sexploits. In his mind, and in front of our eyes, we are witness to their hottest, wildest and wettest sex scenes – with the most awesome, bed-worthy beauties in the world. Her’s the line up: heavenly Angel Kelly, fiery Elle Rio, exotic Alisha Lashly, insatiable Lisa LaRue, voluptuous Tiffany Storm, and last but not least, Sabrina Jurgens, a hot new star making her X-Rated video debut.

    With temptations like these, and a horny hunger that’s driving him to distraction, our Red-Hot Roadrunner goes on a sex hunt that rivals anything you’ve ever seen. How he gets what’s cumming to him will leave you limp with laughter, and satisfaction.

    Release Year: 2006

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