Too Much Of A Good Thing


Too Much Of A Good Thing. Ryan Keely and Khloe Kapri, Ryan’s soon-to-be stepdaughter, excitedly arrive to check out the venue that Ryan has booked online for said wedding. But they are horrified to discover that it looks NOTHING like it did online! As Ryan becomes more distressed, her wedding day surely RUINED and Khloe does her best to calm her future stepmother down. Brooke Banner is on her laptop in the living room when her stepdaughter Sera Ryder rushes through, obviously on her way out. She is dressed in skimpy clothes. Brooke delicately tells Sera that she’s worried about her but Sera hurries to get out. Brooke gets online to look up some parenting advice and this gives her an idea. Katie Monroe confronts her stepdaughter Penelope Kay about staying out late all the time and her grades slipping as a result of this. But then Penelope finally admits the truth: she has secretly been working as a waitress to help Katie pay for Penelope’s upcoming college. Katie is touched, but thinks that Penelope should focus on improving her grades instead. She still wants to help Katie somehow, so she offers Katie sex!.

Release Year: 2021
Studio: Girlsway
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